Flexible Scheduling

Part of having the right tutor is having a tutor that fits your schedule. Convenience and ease of scheduling are critical for families and students that juggle multiple sports, after-school activities, and the large amount of homework that students face, regardless of their age or grade. Whether your student prefers 60 minute or 90 minute sessions, we can work with your schedule to provide the flexibility you need for tutoring and practice tests.

  • Tutors are available weekday afternoons and evenings, and all day on weekends
  • Ability to reschedule or add sessions depending on tutor availability
  • Ability to substitute or add sessions online at practically any time
  • Self-proctored practice tests can be sent to your home if your student is unable to attend our practice tests
  • Students can schedule an individual practice test during the week in our London office if unable to attend our weekend practice tests in other locations.
  • From start to finish, each instructor’s time with each student is flexible; depending on starting scores and goals, some students may need 2 months of tutoring, while others will need to work the duration of the school year

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