Our packages are designed to give students and families the attention and flexibility they need. 

By purchasing packages in advance, a set number of hours and a tutor is selected for you to ensure your student meets their goals.  We recommend specific packages after reviewing a student’s diagnostic test and academic background. Once you purchase a package, you can distribute the time based on your student’s needs and schedule.  Most students prefer to meet once or twice a week for 1-2 hours per session.

Our Packages

Basic Package

14 hours + 1 FREE bonus hour = 15 hours

Ideal for students who are near their target score goals and are looking to refine their approach and technique.

Preferred Package

23 hours + 2 FREE bonus hours = 25 hours

Our most popular package, this plan helps students prepare for the test without any prior practice. This package  allows for complete review of The A-List Book of Knowledge (covering the Math, Reading and Writing sections) and review of at least 3 Diagnostic Tests.

Platinum Package

44 hours + 6 FREE bonus hours = 50 hours

This plan provides a comprehensive approach to test prep, offering complete coverage of the individual subjects and supplemented by reviews of as many Diagnostic Tests as time allows (at least 6). Premium packages are also best for students who want start work during their GCSE years.

If you are interested in tutoring, please call our Client Services Team on
+44 20 3893 3553 or click the button to request more information.
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