A-List UK Management and Client Service Team​

Alexander Birchall
Client Services Manager
Anatoly Reeves
Director of Client Services
Anita Zarska
Director of Academics & Director Tutor
Charlotte McKechnie
Academic Team Manager & Senior Tutor
Dr. Carolyn Tate​
Director of Communications & Director University Advisor
Dianna Surman
Data Analyst & Content Supervisor
Dr. Jackson- Boothby
Managing Director
Alice Gardam
HR Manager
Gary Surman
IP Director & Director Tutor
Lorelle Babwah Brennen
Senior University Advisor
Mariel Kessel
Director of US University Programmes & Director University Advisor
Natalia Mankowska
Client Services & University Admissions Manager
Profile picture of Catherine Leakee
Catherine Leake
Schools Programmes Manager

A-List UK Tutor & Advisor Team

Arthur Crumlish
Director Tutor
Brooke Bourgeois
Standard Tutor
Chandler Waggoner
Senior Tutor
Eric Sirakian
Senior Tutor
John Golding
Standard Tutor
Jonathan Ilori
Student Athlete Consultant
Josh McTaggart
Senior Tutor
Krysianna Papadakis
Advanced Tutor
Mark Blaweiss
Director University Advisor & Student Athlete Consultant
Nicholas Wood
Standard Tutor
Pascale Rochefeuille
Advanced Tutor
Rhianna Shaw
Senior Tutor, University Advisor
Veronika Lipkova
Advanced Tutor
Stephanie Abbott-Grobicki
Senior Tutor, University Advisor
Steven Kunis
Advanced Tutor
Ursula Durand
Senior Tutor (Geneva)
If you are interested in learning more about our team, please call our Client Services Team on
+44 20 3893 3553 or click the button to request more information.
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