A-List tutors have an array of academic backgrounds and expertise that can support students in all stages of their academic career. 

Working with an academic coach and mentor to ensure that your assessed work is of the highest quality could help ease your anxiety and make you feel confident in your results.

Our academic coaching and mentoring programme provides the following services:

Goal setting for daily and weekly work, providing structure
Final editing of work for assessment
Framing and managing major research projects including the EPQ and EE
Thoughtful and creative extracurricular development in a range of fields

We know that students still need support once they have begun university. 

For undergraduates, both in the US and the UK, A-List tutors are trained to help university students with the following academic work, decisions, and professional development:

  • Reviewing final papers and prepping for exams
  • Thoughtful course selection for the following academic year
  • Targeted CV development and networking strategies
  • Academic and career mapping to support long-term goals
If you are interested in academic coaching, please call our Client Services Team on
+44 20 3893 3553 or click the button to request more information.
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