Important aspects to consider when deciding on SAT tutoring in London

The application process to gain admission to a top-tier US university can be very stressful for many students. At A-List Education, we offer highly effective SAT tutoring in London. Our SAT tutoring in London options range from one-on-one instruction to week-long Bootcamps purposefully designed to improve students’ skills and allow them to raise their test scores. Strong SAT scores are an asset in the competitive US university application process.


Once a student has decided that they need help preparing for the SAT, the next step is to choose a method. Not all methods may provide the same benefits for every student. Depending on their unique needs, some students may thrive in a group setting while others are more comfortable with one-on-one instruction.

What To Consider When Picking A SAT Tutoring in London Method

Choosing the most suitable SAT test prep method from a variety of options available, requires considering a few pertinent points.

How are practice tests used?

The best SAT test prep services incorporate practice tests as part of their test prep programme but not all tutoring services use them in the same way. Some SAT test courses may require students to take practice test after practice test, without providing any feedback about how to improve scores. At A-List Education, our tutors use practice tests as a diagnostic tool to help students improve areas they are weak in and strengthen those areas where they are already competent. Both techniques are required to increase SAT test scores.

Our method allows the tutor to gain a deeper insight into where a student may struggle and formulate a plan on how to address any learning deficiencies. The practice of questions, on its own, is not a very effective tool to produce results. Practice tests highlight those areas of course content that need more attention and an experienced instructor will know how best to support a student in those areas.

Review or research the course offered or service provider

What do others who have taken the course or used the service have to say about their experiences? Their feedback and comments shed light on how beneficial your student may find the course or tutoring service.

What forms part of the tutor recruitment process?

How transparent is the tutoring company’s recruitment process? It is important to not only look at what qualifications a tutor possesses but also whether they are professionally trained to tutor students preparing for the SAT.

If you are still unsure of which method would suit your student best, then give A-List Education a call and a team member will be happy to assess your needs and put forward an action plan.

Important aspects to consider when deciding on SAT tutoring in London
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