SAT tutoring: 4 Essential questions to ask a tutor in an interview

There are a number of key roles an experienced SAT tutor plays in preparing students to take one of the most challenging of standardised tests. These main roles include: strengthening a student’s understanding of content areas, bridging gaps in learning, helping students become familiar with the unique format of the SAT, and providing much needed support and encouragement to help relieve student test-taking anxiety.


At A-List Education we take great pride in offering quality SAT Tutoring in London, we place great emphasis on recruiting talented tutors who are able to perform their tutoring roles to the highest of standards. We applaud parents of students, and students themselves, who take the time and make the effort to secure the best SAT Tutoring in London. This is necessary to ensure that students receive superior instruction and achieve the test scores that would improve their chances of gaining admission to the university of their choice.

So, how does a student choose the most reliable tutor offering SAT Tutoring in London? The first piece of advice we offer is to know what services a tutor offers, and the second is to draw up a list of questions to ask each tutoring service. It may seem unnecessary to interview tutoring service providers, but the effort pays off if one wants to hire the best the industry has to offer. How well a student performs will rely heavily on the quality of tutoring received.

What To Ask When Interviewing Tutoring Companies

 1.        Can they match a tutor to the needs of your student’s learning style?

A reputable tutoring company will know that each student is different and these differences account for their ability to learn material in various ways. A tutor will have to adapt to a student’s particular needs to ensure that they understand course material better. At A-List Education we pair the best tutor to each student.

 2.        Do they have knowledge of, and experience with, the SAT?

There are a few types of university admissions standardised tests that a student can take so it is important to ask a tutor about their expertise, in particular, with the SAT.  Our tutors have all achieved top scores on the SAT.

3.         What is the structure of your test preparation programme?

A proper tutoring programme should extend beyond class (at-home lessons included) instruction. There should also be methods of assessment included. These could range from practice tests to homework exercises.

 4.        Do they provide access to past student testimonials?

What past students have to say about their experience with a tutoring service provider can be very helpful in comparing the quality of tutoring services. A tutoring company should not be hesitant to provide details of student testimonials.

These are just some of the basic questions that parents can include in their interviews. Asking questions is an informative way to find the best SAT tutor for your student. In addition to facilitating a confident decision-making process, it is useful in helping parents and students get the most out of the tutoring experience. Get in touch with us at A-List Education and get all your questions answered.

SAT tutoring: 4 Essential questions to ask a tutor in an interview
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