How best to use SAT tutoring to a student’s advantage

For students who have identified particular top tier universities in the US as prospective destinations of higher study, achieving a SAT test score which will enable them to pursue their aim may seem a little daunting. However, having been long established in the tutoring industry, we believe that scoring well on the SAT is very possible – with the right type of academic support.

SAT Tutoring in London

 At A-List Education we believe that SAT tutoring in London is essential, not only in helping students master course content, but also in targeting and improving a student’s areas of weakness. By focusing on these areas, we play a critical role in raising performance capabilities for the student when sitting their examinations.

For parents or students who are not yet sure about engaging extra academic support, it’s important to consider the huge numbers of students applying to the top universities. The odds, may at first look impossible. Students who stand the best chance of acceptance by defying the odds are those who prove that they have the qualities that universities seek. This lies at the core of our programmes for SAT tutoring in London.

How to approach a SAT test preparation programme

SAT tutoring in London is a sensible measure to employ to maximise SAT test scores. Here’s how we suggest a student can best avoid disappointment when applying for admission to universities.

  • Know and accept that some sacrifice will be required

For the student, it’s important to spend extra time studying and while also maintaining extracurricular activities. This may be a challenge for students, especially when the gains of academic support are not immediately apparent. In working towards university admission, one has to be in it for the long haul.

  • Implement strategy techniques

A quality tutoring service requires a tutor to guide a student in those test-taking strategies that are most effective in producing results. Many students err in thinking that the SAT is all about course content, but this is not so. Yes, a good knowledge base in the test areas is important, but this standardised test is especially designed to identify problem solving capability.

  • Don’t discount the value of small gains in test scores

It is often easy for both students and parents to overlook the value of incremental improvements in performance. We believe this is an error in judgement as any improvement – however slight, is to be commended. Developing skills should be looked at in the same way as building muscle – it doesn’t happen overnight, but with consistent practice and effort, competencies are improved upon.

Another important aspect to take note of is an impressive test score serves other purposes in addition to university admission. Good test scores carry weight in scholarship applications, sometimes for a job application.

Looking for a tutoring company with a customised approach to providing academic support? At A-List Education we take pride in offering our students unique learning experiences to help them improve their performance when taking tests. Give us a call to find out more.

How best to use SAT tutoring to a student’s advantage
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